Raj Beri - Founder and Australian Director

Raj Beri is a true innovator with over 20 years of business experience and several exits in a multitude of industries. He is the founder and Managing Director of Australian Boutique Spirits, Europa Group, Elegance Spirits and CannHealth Group Limited. He brings many years of experience in the beverage industry with a track record of success in sales, marketing, new distribution, and a history of introducing new products into new global markets. His companies are all direct manufacturers and marketers, with a core focus on brand building, innovation and a strategic focus on new consumption trends.

Raj has successfully launched a number of leading brands by undertaking key R&D which subsequently led to the development of Australian Boutique Spirits Limited and its Spirits portfolio.

Sahil Beri - Co-Founder &
Australian Managing Director

Sahil Beri has completed a master’s degree in Pharmacy and is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Pharmacology. Sahil brings a pharmaceutical background to the food and beverage industry and is widely regarded as an innovator in the creation of new consumable products. Through his tireless efforts, Sahil has designed proprietary systems for extractions, product formulations, flavour enhancement and blending of products.

Sahil has had a leading role in the development of Australian Boutique Spirits. Sahil has also developed over 45 recipes for spirits, ready to drink beverages, liqueurs and functional consumable products over the last four years and is a crucial member of the ABS team, leading its innovation pipeline.

Co-Founders and Directors

Steven Dixon

Steven Dixon has completed a Bachelor of Business Management, with over 20 years experience within the Manufacturing and Distribution Sector for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Diagnostics and Food and Beverage Industries.

Steve specializes in coordinating and establishing procurement, production, marketing, finance and regulatory quality management and practices, including  ISO and HACCP Certifications,  to support services for operational efficiencies.

Co-Founders and Directors

Nick Button - Operations Manager

Nick Button is our degree qualified Operations Manager having over 20 years experience in the beverage manufacturing; spread across the Craft Brewing, Ready to Drink beverages, Carbonated Soft drinks, Spirits and Cocktail Bitters categories. Nick specializes in new product development and process design with a keen eye for quality.

Co-Founders and Directors

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