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Welcome to Australian Boutique Spirits.

A collection of Iconic Australian brands

 We develop, manufacture, export and market a collection of Australian made spirits, all of which are hand crafted by our spirits craftsmen using only the finest natural ingredients from around the world.

We invite you to taste and enjoy our craft with every sip. From Australia to the World…. 

Australian Bitters Company

Hand Crafted in small batches, our flagship bitters is rapidly growing around the globe. Found in every major USA City we are actively creating the revival of cocktail culture. Recently winning double gold in the Los Angeles International Spirits competition our bitters are simply the finest bitters available. 

Amalfi - Classic Italian Aperitif

Sip and indulge in the flavours of the Italian Riviera, our Amalfi bitter aperitif is made from an infusion of 11 herbs and fresh bitter oranges and pink grapefruits. Most often served with sparkling water, white wine, or orange juice, this spirit will have you dreaming of those hot summer days, relaxing under the Mediterranean sunshine. 

Bitters and Aperitif

Australis - Dry Gin

Reminiscent of the old world and Dutch Colonial history, our Australis classic Dry Gin is resurrecting traditions lost in history. “Terra Australis” or unknown southern land is the inspiration of our boutique small batch gin. Made with a passion for distilling using the wonders of our homeland, our Gin is a testament to our craft. 

Opal - Australian Coffee Liqueur

Made by cold pressing and then cold extracting the perfect single origin coffee bean from Papua New Guinea, our Opal Liqueur is made for the famous iconic Australian “Espresso Martini”. 

Island - Coconut Water + Vodka

Island Vodka & Coconut Water represents a healthy natural and refreshing cocktail with the goodness of 5 x distilled Australian Vodka and natural coconut water in a slimline can. Perfect for those hot summer days or a weekend BBQ.

Dry Gin, Coffee Liqueur and Vodka-Coconut Water

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Along with producing the worlds finest hand crafted spirits collection for ourselves, we also develop brands and produce products for private label. If you would like additional information or would like to speak to someone about what ABS can do for you, use the form below and we will get back to you just as soon as we can.

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